Orpheus, Managing Change in Education

ORPHEUS™ is Imagine Education’s system for implementing the change processes across education systems.

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ORPHEUS is Imagine Education’s system for implementing the change processes across education systems and can be used by individual schools, by clusters of schools, at a district level or across an entire country. ORPHEUS™ is built around three distinct stages called: ORIENTATION, EXPLORATION and CONSOLIDATION. Each stage has its own set of processes which are augmented with online and offline tools which provide a supportive environment to enable change to be successful and sustainable.

ORPHEUS bridges the gap between policy and practice and aims to systemise education interventions and crucially plan how to replicate what works and both scale and sustain those changes.

The ORPHEUS approach knows that success is founded on partnership and collaboration. We are able, through our extensive global network of associates, to bring internationally relevant partners into the process where necessary to complement local expertise.

Analysing the Gap

Educational Anchors

ORPHEUS is anchored to 4 major educational areas and we use these anchors to ensure that no elements are missing from the change process. Whilst we will use these throughout the process we also know that many countries have their own way of structuring change so we frequently map the ORPHEUS anchors to local constructs.

Anchor 1       Anchor 2       Anchor 3       Anchor 4

Imagine Education has more than 20 years’ global experience providing strategic and operational services to the public and private education sector.

Our goal is to develop the capacity of education systems to provide the best possible learning outcomes for young people. We know that this is the key to the economic and social development of every country.

We help build Learning Societies.